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Glycemic Select 180 VC

Moss Nutrition Select

Price: $62.00

Blood Sugar/Insulin Management

*Comprehensive formula to help support healthy blood sugar and insulin response. NEW & IMPROVED CUSTOM FORMULATION. (Vegetarian Capsule)

Product #: M044

Icelandic Cod liver Oil - Lemon 8 oz

Moss Nutrition Select

Price: $20.00

Fish Oil, Inflammatory Support

Purified, pharmaceutical grade liquid cod liver oil from Arctic seas. Pleasant natural lemon flavor. (Liquid)

Product #: M067

L-Glutamine 300 g

Moss Nutrition Select

Price: $36.00

Amino Acids, GI Health Support: Restorative

Pure amino acid support for a healthy gastrointestinal lining and immune defense. (Powder)

Product #: M075

Lauric Select 90 VC

Moss Nutrition Select

Price: $27.90

Antimicrobial Support: Viral, Immune Support

*Researched antimicrobial support from monolaurin, a fatty acid derivative made from coconut oil. 600 mg capsules. (Vegetarian Capsule)

Product #: M065