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It’s easy to focus on the specifics of a health problem but lose sight of the big picture. Components of the body’s systems are best understood in the context of relationships with each other, rather than in isolation. Improvement in one area of a system can adversely affect another.  With a systems approach, we help you avoid the silo effect by treating the parts in relation to the whole. And by treating the systemic problem, it can help prevent a host of other health issues related to the very same problem. Read More.

Laser Focus versus Hit or Miss

You don’t need an arsenal of products—one for each symptom—but rather a small, calculated set of supplements, laser focused on treating the underlying cause.   That makes treatment simpler and patient compliance easier.


100% of our products are backed by a body of published research and/or reports from top, highly experienced clinicians to ensure they truly assist in the optimization of health. Link to research: For example, the study done on cancer patients showing that SarcoSelect builds muscle, DHA research, Leucine research, etc.  


Our strict adherence to every aspect of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) outlined by the FDA is just one example of our commitment to the highest standards of quality—from ingredient procurement to packaging. Learn more about our quality.


Don’t take our word for it. See for yourself. Compare Moss Nutrition with any other supplements. If you don’t see significantly improved results, simply return any unsold inventory from your initial purchase within 60 days and we’ll refund the price of that inventory.

Guaranteed.  Don't compete with On-Line Retailers

You can’t win—unless you’re selling supplements that aren’t sold there. Our promise to you: You’ll never see our products on retail websites or in pharmacies.

Try looking for them right now: Google   

Everything is Interrelated

Moss Nutrition’s Products are scientifically formulated to work together to treat the whole system.

We can help you address Metabolic Imbalances such as:

Protein catabolism (Sarcopenia)

Low grade, chronic metabolic acidosis

Chronic inflammation/inflammaging

Insulin/glucose dysregulation

Metabolically induced deficiencies of virtually all micronutrients

Gut atrophy/dysfunction 

Learn more HERE.     

Knowledge Matters

Here’s an easy way to stay up to date with the latest developments in nutritional medicine:

The Moss Nutrition Report - Literature Review & Commentary

Since 1987, healthcare practitioners have relied on this bimonthly newsletter for review and commentary on controversial and cutting-edge issues facing the practice of nutritional medicine.  See archived reports. 

Consult with Experts

Jeffrey Moss, CNS, DACBN is a leading authority on functional and nutritional medicine. He has spent most of his career researching the causes of illness and the improvement of health through nutrition. He is available for incoming technical calls, consultations by appointment, and for visits to your office.

Diana Allen, MS, CNS, is involved in all aspects of new product formulations, research and development. She has a precise eye for detail and is committed to selecting the purest and most clinically relevant ingredients for our products. Diana welcomes your questions on ingredients, quality, research and clinical support. Learn more about Dr. Moss and Diana Allen HERE.

Product Insights

An in-depth look at selected products. Learn more about how current research and clinical feedback is used to assess product quality and efficacy. Find these on the product pages under the Research tab. Link to current and searchable archived reports on the Product Pages Research tab.

Videos, Recorded Seminars and Courses

Functional testing and therapeutic tools have advanced significantly in recent years. Our educational tools will enhance your study of functional medicine. Our approach is designed to help you integrate an efficient and cost-effective model of functional medicine into your practice. Link to LEARN page.  

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Let’s look at this from another angle

That’s how Dr. Jeffrey Moss has approached nutritional and functional medicine for more than a quarter century. The breakthrough came with the realization that you don’t need separate products for every complaint.  There’s a common thread among most health conditions that allows you to treat them all with a strict set of products focused on the underlying cause.  It all fits into a unique paradigm where everything is interrelated.  And by treating the system as a whole, you can also prevent other complaints related to the very same cause.

Thus, the Systems Approach to Functional Medicine was born.  And that seismic shift in thinking has been brought to life with Moss Nutrition’s Select Products.  Read more here

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Dr. Jeffrey Moss, CNS, DACBN, Founder and CEO of Moss Nutrition Products, Inc., is a leading authority on functional and clinical nutritional with 30 years of experience in the supplement industry.  He’s an acclaimed lecturer, and author of numerous published articles, who teaches at the University of Bridgeport. 

Learn more about Jeff here.

The next generation of Functional Medicine

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